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  • Local

    There is nothing like having bread baked that morning, freshly laid eggs, produce from up the road, and coffee roasted by your neighbor. It tastes better, feels better and is beneficial to our health, our local economy and the environment.
  • Fresh

    We are commited to providing you fresh products, bread baked daily, sandwiches made to order, produce freshly picked and condiments made in house. No one wants old food, unless it's a stinky cheese maybe....
  • Artisanal

    Handcrafted food used to be the only choice. Now you have to seek it out amongst factory-produced food. Here at Curtis Park Deli, we try to put as many local and domestic artisanal products under one roof for your convenience. We are always looking for the best this country has to offer so if you know of a quality product we don't carry, let us know and perhaps you'll find it on our shelves the next time you come in!